Workshop on sharing of experience/best practices of Component B

Workshop on sharing of experience/best practices of Component B
From 18 to 19 November 2015, the workshop on sharing of experience/best practices of Component B was held in Da Nang city among 8 project provinces.

The workshop attracted project director, deputy-project director, component staff and consultants of 8 project provinces.  On the first day, each province presented about the implementation status of their GAP sites (the ones under first plan to which the infrastructure items are being constructed; and the new sites under the expansion plan 2015), and the results on harvest seasons in 2015. After the day 1 of the workshop, all PPMUs, their project officers and consultants are well aware of how the Component B is implemented by other provinces, and of current status and sustainability of GAP sites of other provinces, from which they could make comparison between their achievements with that of others, and be able to withdrew the lesson learnt and the technical and implementation solutions applied by other provinces.

On the second day, with full participation, the workshop was listening to presentations delivered by Khanh Hoa, Soc Trang, Ca Mau and Ha Tinh regarding results and technologies they applied successfully in their province. All the presentations were delivered by farmers – the owners of these models, so they are very vibrant and realistic.

It could be said that, within 5 years of project implementation, it is difficult to change the whole picture of shrimp culture across the country. However, after 3 years of project implementation, in fact, 2 years from actual start, all the participants of the workshop believe that the project has been in right direction, step-by-step addressed the constraints and put shrimp culture in the sustainable development orbit.

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